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Sensor Systems

Our sensors map the illumination levels and light density, taking into account the characteristics of the human eye. Our technology is ideally designed for use both indoors and out with its protection against corrosion, condensation, freezing and vibrations.
  • Mapping of the actual lighting conditions by means of the illumination level and light density
  • Consideration of the colour sensitivity of the human eye
  • Tested by accredited laboratories and classified as "B"
  • Guaranteed traceability of calibration and measurement technology
Control Technology

ELECTRIC-SPECIAL brings together the individual control systems of a project beyond the lighting and bundles ventilation and/or safety control systems or transport technology, for example, into a powerful centralised system.
  • Networking of individual control units
  • Conceptual preparation
  • Coordination
  • Planning
  • Hardware
  • Software
Control Tech.
Dimmer Technology

Our dimmer technology has been adapted among other things to the dimming of high intensity discharge lamps and their physical properties.
  • Consideration of burn-in period, minimum combustion time, standing time and ageing factor
  • Consideration of the daylight aspect (day-to-day influence)
  • Payback in 1-2 years
  • About 20% energy saving
  • Long lamp service life by reducing 1007a operation and the switching cycles
Control Units

Make optimum Use of your lighting technology with ELECTRIC-SPECIAL control Units. Integrated evaluations reveal surpluses and shortfalls and uncover optimisation requirements.
  • Circuit management
  • Menu-driven parameterisation
  • Parameterisable without any programming skills
  • Easy to adjust
  • Individual adaptation
  • Correction factors
  • Analysis application
  • Adaptive control