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Application Fields
Smart City
Tunnel Smart City Tunnel

Under the motto "Intelligent City," we are driving the networked interaction and thus the pooling of the advantages of our modern technologies of the Beriche tunnels, halls, airports and roads.
By participating in public research and funding projects, working in non-profit committees and working with other manufacturers in this field, ELECTRIC-SPECIAL sees itself as one of the pioneers in the digitization of cities.
Use our technologies, know-how and holistic concepts that go far beyond the topic of lighting, just contact us about your use case.
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Street Lighting
Tunnel Streets Tunnel

When lighting surfaces and roads, the focus is on the uniformity of illumination and contrast to increase safety as well as the highest energy efficiency.
For you, we develop and produce lighting solutions, which can be controlled, for example, depending on the weather, lighting conditions or the current traffic situation.
This not only benefits city treasters and citizens, but also the environment due to efficiency in operation and maintenance due to improved light output and lifespan, as well as lower light emissions.
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Tunnel Lighting
Tunnel Tunnel Tunnel

Tunnels are needle tubes, maintenance and repairs mean an increased risk.
We meet these challenges with reliable individual components as well as an overall economic system, from light recording to light control and control technology.
Our products and solutions are characterized by energy savings of up to 25% compared to conventional solutions, as well as a long lifespan and short payback times.
This means low operating costs, low maintenance and high safety.
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Hall Lighting
Tunnel Hall Tunnel

Production plants want the best possible lighting conditions that relieve the human eye and thus ensure healthy working conditions and high performance.
In large warehouses, on the other hand, the selective and often time-limited use of storage areas by humans can be taken into account.
By using existing daylight, intelligent technology can be used to achieve savings in artificial lighting without sacrificing quality.
With our lighting solutions for halls, you reduce your costs with a short payback period and meet the necessary requirements for occupational safety.
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Airport Lighting
Tunnel Airports Tunnel

The area of airport fiination and lighting is subject to numerous national and international, civil, but also military requirements.
Key words such as redundancy, single light control, long-lasting and economical operation are thus particularly prominent.
We plan and develop electrics, control and control systems of combustion systems and ILS systems and manufacture for the operating categories CAT I to III.
ELECTRIC-SPECIAL stands for energy efficiency, expansion/repair or maintenance even on the fly, optimized visibility for pilots and an increased lifespan of the light bulbs.
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