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5.1.2 ESPLUCIL20 – „Luminance meter LUCI L20“ EN

Product description
  • Sensor forming the average L20 - luminance measurement
  • Measuring field adjustable by changing the coverage angle of the lens (vario lens)
  • Adapted to the spectral sensitivity of the human eye by V (λ) correction
  • Electronically controlled heating prevents icing or fogging
  • Overvoltage protection on input and output side
  • Potential-free fault signalling contact (NC)
  • Double-walled, thermo-insulated stainless steel case mat. no .: 1.4571
  • Special metal ring protects the front cover of the luminance camera from staining
  • Suitable for pole- and wall mounting
Your advantages
  • Adaptation to local conditions through variable coverage angle
  • Various measuring ranges selectable
  • Meets all sensor requirements in harsh tunnel environments
  • Temperature and long-term stable measuring system
  • Robust 4-20mA analogue output
  • Optional: Video image of the measuring field via LAN for remote control of the adjustment

Technical specifications
Electrical properties
Voltage supply 230V AC ± 10%, 45...63 Hz, 50VA
Device fuse 1,0 A M (medium time-lag)
Measurement method Luminance L20 according to DIN 67524 resp. CIE-88
Max. measurement range 0....10.000 cd/m²
Min. measurement range 0......1.000 cd/m²
  Please report desired measurement range with your order. 
Other measurement ranges by request. 
The measurement range is a factory setting and cannot be changed on-site!
Output signal 4,0...20,0 mA
  Load < 250 Ω
Output fuse 32 mA M (medium time-lag)
Interference protection Line filter for power supply
Micro fuse and suppressing diode for output
Connector terminal Spring-cage terminal for cable cross sections 0,5...2,5 mm²
Optical properties  
Visual field Adjustable from 10° to 30° (Adaption to mounting site)
Lens Variable focal length: 75...180 mm
Physical properties  
Housing Stainless steel (mat. No.: 1.4571), double-walled
Requirement class I according to German ZTV-Ing. Teil 5, Abschnitt 4
Cable bushing 2 x M25 cable glares for outer cable diameter 10…15 mm
Dimensions Housing without mounting bracket L × W × H = 455 × 175 × 185 mm
Housing with mounting bracket L × W × H = 455 × 175 × 245 mm
Protection class IP65
Weight 9,5 kg
Temperature range Ambient temperature:  -30°...+70°C
Storage temperature:   -30°...+70°C
Mounting position Clearance above Camera > 250mm
Clearance behind Camera > 500 mm
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