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2.4.2 ESPLUNA760 – „Compact light controller DigiLUX - System DigiLUNA“ EN

Product description
  • Light management for street- and parking lighting
  • Freely programmable controller with integrated touch display
  • Completely assembled as a compact DIN rail module for installation in control cabinets
  • Processing of 1 x illuminance value Eh (horizontal illuminance)
  • Processing of 3 x switching- / dimming outputs K1 - K3 (contactors / dimmers)
  • Separate parameterization of each channel (own parameter sets for workdays and weekend)
  • Parameterizable time- and threshold programs
  • Override the light control externally with 3 remote control contacts
Hardware equipment includes
  • Control-, visualization- and communication processor
  • TFT touch display (480x272, 4.3 ")
  • Battery backed real-time clock with automatic daylight saving time changeover
  • 3 × digital IN (override contacts), 3 × digital OUT (contactor) + 1 × digital OUT (system OK)
  • 1 × analogue IN (sensor: 0-5 V or 4-20 mA), 3 × analogue OUT (dimmer: 0-10V)
Software equipment includes
  • Operating system, system software and all necessary licenses
  • Visualization package (main menu with submenus for details, overview, login, info)
  • Time program, threshold program or remote control from external
  • Historical data of the switching times of each channel (per day / total)
  • Password-protected access as well as time-controlled, automatic logout
  • Manual switching of the operating mode manual / automatic
  • Self-monitoring by watchdog (automatic reset) and supply voltage monitoring (safe state)
  • Automatic switching to time program with faulty sensor
Your advantages
  • Parameterizable control of the lighting as a function of the horizontal illuminance Ev
  • Optimal switching of the lighting by observing the light curve during twilight
  • Precise adjustment of the required lighting level in combination with dimming
  • Energy savings through needs-based lighting control
  • Storage of the switching times enables a statistical evaluation of the system
  • Protection of the lamps by adjustable ignition time, minimum switch on time, actuating time and lamp warm-up time

Technical specification
Electrical properties
Voltage supply 24 V DC ± 10 %,
ca. 200 mA / 5 W, ripple <5%
Pre-fuse (external) Supply voltage: 2,0 A medium time-lag
Sensor signals: 2 × 32 mA medium time-lag
Measuring method Horizontal illumination Eh
Measuring input 1 ×  analogue value
Measuring signal: Optionally 0…5 V or 4,0...20,0 mA
Control inputs 3 × voltage input
Input signal: 24 V DC, 0,1 A
Switching outputs 3 × transistor
Output signal: 24V DC max. 200 mA
Attention: For inductive load, external suppression measures must be provided!
Dimming outputs 3 × analogue value
Dimming signal: 0…10 V
Overvoltage protection (external) Sensor input: Gas discharge tube, inductor, micro fuse and suppressing diode
Electrical connections Screw terminals for wire cross sections 0,5...1,0 mm²
Physical properties  
Housing Light control in aluminium housing for mounting on 35 mm DIN rail
Dimensions B × H ×  D =  172 × 127 × 60 mm
Protection class IP 20
Weight Ca. 460 g
Temperature range Ambient temperature:       5°...+40°C
Storage temperature:    -10°...+70°C
Humidity up to  85% without condensation
Mounting position Vertical, for implementation in control cabinets
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